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Just started working with jEtzine and Old City Music, a music group out of New York City. Joe does excellent design work, and his ideas are always exciting, well developed, and challenging. We continue to enjoy working on this project that involves an animated night sky, NY skyline, and clock-work astrology. We are even including a continuous media player, something we have always wanted to do, and now can with ajax.

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Project underway

Sona is an incredibly talented artist and art educator. Trying to frame her work tastefully is a challenge I am happy to have. We are working on this site together, and I am very much enjoying its development. We want the site to be visually engaging and reposed. I recently started over, over-writing with data from another current project. Currently we are reworking our design, but the code is functioning, making this our second AJAX site. I hope to see really good things from this project.


This has been an excellent site to work on, and there has been a lot to think about in terms of organizing information and conveying it clearly. This site will develop as its user base grows, and will be responsible for organizing a large and important group of people. COLA educates lake goers and administrators about caring for their lakes and making sure they are sustainable; a serious task when  you consider how many lakes we have and how much we use them. I hope to see COLA reach even more people through this site.


This art is never what I expect, though I have looked at it often, so I am glad to see it on the web. Just a wordpress install for now, hoping to see more soon.

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Site still being improved!

Started this project with my good friend and favorite designer Lucy in August, and it has not stopped being exciting. I decided to lay back on server side scripting this time; I have been thinking a lot about user interfacing and am still having trouble developing my first direct GUI. As odd as it sounds I have been using wordpress installs as a way of updating site content, for the time being (until I understand user input better) it is working out quite well. I decided to rely on that ascent more than creating my own convoluted back-end. This is also the first time I am applying a working AJAX model, complete with browser state-saves, google analytics calls, and seo safe rewrites to google specs. Hash tags were a bit of an issue but with guidance from google I realized that a site can still be fully indexable using the ajax format. This is really an excellent tool and one I have been wanting to implement for a long time. In all regards (AJAX requests, jquery effects, page transitions, and gallery style) I think this is the best site I have made so far, and I’m so glad it was for my designer Lucy 🙂

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Current Project
Currently one of our most exciting projects. This artist/musician/writer/wizard is willing to experiment and incorporate many ideas, so I am using skills all over the map here. His original concept was a sort of reposed comic vibe, and we are trying to develop that idea conducive to the web format. Still a lot of work to do on the font scheme and the development of content though. This is also the first time I have used relative height and javascript scroll functions, so creating a no-script alternative may be somewhat of a challenge.

Date: February 2012
Design: Joe
Development: Kent

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Recently Updated

The project that started it all! This was my first client and was the project that really encouraged me to persue development. Some of this site is in need up updating, and I have a lot of new ideas for it. We plan to move the music and video to HTML5 soon, as well as a constant music player. This site more than any other has been a playground for me to develop my ideas and try new things. We recently added feeds from the Blog, and plan to continue to generate dynamic content.

Date: January 2009
Design: Lucy
Development: Kent


Currently Underway
Thanks to Lucy and Tatev we got some solid photos for this site early on, and thanks to Marc, this project quickly went from a puzzle to a playground. This site is presenting some unique challenges like how to display someone else catalog and merchandise professionally. Not only will this site sell flags, but also antiques and crafted baskets. We are going for a modern-colonial feel without the site getting bloated or difficult to navigate. We may include some ornamental-graphics in the future as well. We are looking forward to working on this one more!

Date: March 2011
Design: Marc, Lucy, and Kent
Development: Kent


In Progress
I spend all my time on my clients and none developing my business. As such this site is far from finished, but this is basically an outline for what we plan. We want the site to be straight forward and engaging, such that users can even play with our effects. We may include sound effects (optional of course) to make visiting a rich experience. Since this will be our web representation, it should be are best and it will also become a community for exchanging information between employees, clients (past present and future), and others in our field. The blog (what you are on now) will play a major roll in our business, and I want all our employees and associates to contribute. I think that educating (and being educated by) your client and staff should still be a major business goal, despite the change in tides.

Date: December 2011
Design: Lucy and Kent
Development: Kent